Tractors, Trains And Automobiles

Watching the movie Love Actually every year around the December holidays is probably a family tradition for many these days, much like watching It’s a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Carole was for our parents. One scene in Richard Curtis’s rom-com that spans many a storyline is when Juliette and Peter depart for their honeymoon on the back of a boat, and Mark films her face with longing, zooming in on her as she goes off with her new husband, and Mark’s best friend.

It’s all very dramatic, and makes for a wonderful scene as Juliette discovers Mark’s love for her while watching the video, but how practical are boats as wedding cars? Not very, unless you’re going from one island to another, or are James Bond. So what are some unusual ways to get from your nuptials to your reception, or your honeymoon trip? This assumes you’re not staying at the wedding venue, which is done a lot of the time these days, as function venues double up as hotels and guest lodges. Check this out a luxurious service that you can travel elegantly at a reasonable price that can meet your expectations.

The most obvious answer is to go for unusual wedding cars that are slightly fancier than your Toyota hatchback at home, like a E-Type Jaguar or a Ferrari. Of course, that will cost you an arm and a leg, though if you’re the kind of person who wants a wedding car in the first place, budget might not be your first concern. Sports cars are also very difficult to drive for the average Joe Soap, and tend to have very little room to manoeuvre, if you know what we’re sayin’.

You could use a motorcycle, provided you and your spouse are both comfortable on one, especially if she is wearing a long white dress. A veil caught in spokes could end rather badly. Probably safer to go for a regular, old-school bicycle, with a basket in front, which will make for some pretty, hipster photographs for the wedding album you’ll look at maybe twice in the coming years.

Other options include a tractor for those outdoorsy weddings or rural types, like England cricket captain Alastair Cook famously employed, or a horse and cart or buggy, though animal rights groups might have a thing or two to say about that. A hovercraft, perhaps? A helicopter if you’re very rich and don’t mind being in a little box miles in the air? A sidecar motorbike ala Hagrid in Harry Potter? The possibilities are endless if you have the money and patience to do the research.