What To Consider When Buying A Cargo Trailer?

There are a number of trailer types offered in the market and it can be quite difficult to set your mind on one. What you need to be clear about is the purpose of the trailer. In what capacity it will be used, what kinds of material are you hoping to transport and how frequently are you going to use the trailer. Once you have a clear idea of your purpose, you will need to look for a model that closely fits in with your requirements. 

You need to question the use of the trailer because it will decide how much load has to be borne by the trailer. Also, some items could be bulky and need more space. Cargo trailers transport a variety of things from garbage, household items, furniture, vehicles, animals, vegetation etc. You will have to consider reliability and safety of cargo when it comes to trailers for sale Brisbane. That is, the materials shouldn’t be damaged within the duration of transportation. Otherwise, the reputation of your logistics company will suffer and you will experience loss of valuable contents. Not to mention the loss of customer loyalty. 

There will be two types of trailers for you to choose from. There are covered and uncovered trailers. For example, while you can carry hay for horses on an open trailer, you will need an enclosed trailer to transport a horse. An enclosed or covered trailer has the benefit of protecting your cargo from the weather and potential thieves. You can simply park the trailer, secure it and leave it unattended in the certainty that it will come to no harm. But they tend to create more drag when compared with uncovered trailers. They also have a restriction when it comes to height. So you may not be able to transport odd shaped or bulky cargo. 

However, you can buy custom built trailers for sale to transport certain cargo. One example is the transportation of livestock. There are trailers designed just for that purpose with ventilation, doors that enable easy access etc. If you’re going for an open trailer, you have to know whether you need for it to have sides or not. If you’re transporting material that can be easily blown out of the trailer like hay for livestock, you might have to consider a trailer with solid side walls. It’s also easy to cover the contents with a tarp if you have walls. This way you can anchor the tarp to the sides. 

You can also have steel bars or wooden slats for sides. This will come in handy when you have to tie bulky loads. There are also open trailers which have removable sides. You will find that it’s quite easier to load an uncovered trailer. You also need to decide whether you’re going for a single axel or a dual axel. If you’re using the trailer for household tasks or small loads, a single axel will be sufficient. If you’re carrying more than 3000 pounds, it’s better to have a dual axel trailer. You can also have multiple axel trailers for heavy duty work.