Making An Entrance On Your Wedding

On your wedding day you are without a doubt the star of the show. Now like all superstars you need to make a grand entrance for all to see and fall in love with your splendor. Now there are many ways you can do this. If you were to look up these wild weddings on TV or regular wedding programs in general, both the bride and (most often) the groom will enter the hall in a very extravagant manner.

Sure you need not replicate your wedding that it indeed becomes a wild wedding in itself, it is important not to overdo it. This article will give you tips and ideas to create your own entrance to your wedding.

Keeping it Traditional

Now you must be wondering why this is even in this article, well actually if you were to look at modern weddings, traditional modes of locomotion are barely even used. Try looking to hire vehicles or look for wedding cars for sale.

You can search from a seemingly endless list from convertibles to even limousines. To go even more traditional many businesses that offer wedding cars for sale even provide the option of having horse drawn carriages at your wedding to transport you in and out of the event. Not only does this add a touch of classy 18th century aristocratic living but you will for sure have many people keeping their eyes on you.

Adding Your Own Theme

You can in fact have your entrance in a manner that is matching to your wedding theme in general. There are many couples who have made headlines with one of the most unique themes ever set up in a wedding. For example the cowboy theme, why not enter the hall in one of the finest horses you can ride on, or be the knight in shining armor on your special day. Then again your choice of clothing should also be a match or else it won’t be a pretty sight.

Avoid Overdoing It

Most couples tend to focus so much on their wedding and its theme that they spend so much of money to make everything match, and for what? To only have it for one day when they could spend that money on other things like their honeymoon.There are those who have entered their wedding via a parachute having jumped from a plane high above and some even entering via harnesses from the top of the hall. Not only is this a dangerous stunt, you’ll also be questioned by your own guests because they will probably be thinking “is this even needed?” So stick to keeping it simple yet sophisticated.