The Ever Increasing Problem Of Garbage

Garbage is definitely a human concept. Garbage cannot be natural substances as it is definitely created by humans. And most of the material that we dispose as garbage are durables and are non-degradable. Hence, of course there are huge issue arising out of garbage in the society and with limited amount of land space available in the world today, there is a big threat to all humans with this problem. With the increasing population of the world today the plots of land available and suitable for human civilization is very limited. It is high time that all nations focus on processes of recycling and reusing.

Waste management in most countries is not effectively done. It is a concern of the local authorities in most nations and the two main methods of waste disposal are landfill and burning. The traditional way of disposal is to collect garbage from all residences, load them into plant trailer and dump them into a landfill site. But the long term environmental concerns of such practice are hardly considered by most individuals. There could be many negative effects on wildlife, bio diversity and health of people due to landfill dumping not to forget the environmental pollution caused due to burning garbage. All these problems are only related to those waste materials that are non-degradable. This however is not an issue concerning organic waste. Organic waste could always be used as compost or even dumping of organic waste may not be a long term problem as they are degradable.

What avenues and solutions are available to overcome the problem of garbage in most of our societies? The best practice will be to reduce waste. Try to avoid collecting waste in your homes by reusing those that are non degradable or by avoiding the use of disposable one-time items such as plastic cups, plastic plates etc. Try to avoid polythene and plastic as much as possible and shift to glass, ceramic and metal which are natural materials. Dumping garbage on landfill sites using flat top trailers come in a variety of sizes and dimensions has to be reduced as much as possible and all countries should move into recycling of waste materials. Systems have to be incorporated to collect waste separately and recycle them.

While recycling is adapted in countries at national level, all households can make an attempt to reduce, reuse and recycle materials. All resources are scarce in this world and if we keep consuming at this level, we will soon face the day that we run out of economic resources. Therefore in order to protect the world for the generations to come, it is our duty as earthlings to minimize our waste and preserve resources for the future.